Boveda Butler Smart Humidor Sensor Monitor (DISCOUNTED)



IMPORTANT: This item is discounted and does not come with any packaging, calibration kit, battery or documentation. It's new and has a full one year guarantee.

All new Boveda Butler which tracks the current Humidity, temperature and impact events. it also holds your historical data of your humidor, on up to five Boveda Butler enabled containers. Receive Notifications straight to your phone when your Boveda Butler detects readings outside of your customisable ranges.

    The Boveda Butler includes: 
    Boveda Butler (2" x 1 1/4" x 1/2")

Eliminates the need for separate hygrometer and thermometer.

The Boveda Butler can store up to 10 days of data when out of Bluetooth range of the app. If the period of no connectivity extends beyond 10 days, the sensor can only download the last 10 days of data to the app when connectivity is re-established

Download the Boveda app for iOS devices (iOS 10.0+) on the Apple App Store, or for Android (5.0+) on the Google Play Store

Note: The Boveda Butler must be calibrated before use to ensure accurate readings.

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