XiKAR XFlame Electronic Battery Powered Cigar Lighter - New - 591BK




    Does not require butane or lighter fluid
    Ideal for travel
    Quick and easy to use.
    Lights the entire end of a cigar in seconds.
    Burner coil is easy to clean and easy to replace
    Optimal temperature won't overheat your cigars
    Evenly lights up to 62RG cigars
    USB rechargeable battery
    100% Windproof
    Measures: 4.125"H x0.98"W (1.10"W Coil)

XFlame Burner Coil

XFlame Burner Coils were developed with modern technology and engineered with advanced thermodynamics so users will achieve the perfect light at the perfect temperature every time. Our burner coils are durable and meant for heavy duty cigar smoking; however, they will need to be replaced from time to time in order to keep this experience crisp and fresh. The Burner Coil is not covered by the Xikar guarantee and is a consumable item.

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