Do the Boveda packs sit loose in the humidor or have they have to be in a holder? 

We do offer Boveda holders - metal and wood, but may safely place the Boveda pack directly on the cigars. 

I have a small humidor and I'm struggling to keep the humidity above 60% with the supplied distilled water unit, so thought I would give the Boveda a try?

There could be a few issues at play, such as has your hygrometer been calibrated correctly? Has your humidor been seasoned correctly? Does the humidor have an airtight seal? Could the humidor be damaged?

If you want to make sure it all works as it should, then we would recommend that you order one or two 84% 60g Boveda packs to season your humidor, and one or more 69% 60g Boveda pack to store your cigars. (You can't overdo it. It simply lasts longer the more you add.) You should also calibrate your hygrometer with a calibration kit which is cheap and can be used multiple times. A digital hygrometer is normally a better solution.

We would suggest that you take your cigars and put them in a new unused small airtight Tupperware container with the 69% packs. You should then season your humidor for two weeks with the 84% Boveda which you may then depose of after the two weeks. Calibration of the hygrometer will take 24 hours.

Once it's all done, then you would place the cigars and the 69% packs back into the humidor with the calibrated hygrometer and then monitor it. If it settles a littler lower then you would move to 72% or 75% depending on how much your humidor leaks. It's all personal preference at the end of the day. You can move your humidity up or down by changing packs.

I don't know which Boveda pack to buy?

69% RH is the industry norm. Higher humidity may lead to burn issues as well as mould. The reason Boveda makes higher humidity packs is that some humidors leak, and thus you would use a higher humidity to compensate for the leak such as the 72% or the 75%. If you were using a Tupperware humidor that is air tight, then 69% is perfect - unless - you prefer your cigars a little dryer for a more even and faster burn.  Depending on your humidor, the humidity will normal settle a little lower than they humidity of the Boveda pack and that is fine. Your cigars should be fine anywhere between 65% to 72%. It's all a matter of personal preference. If in doubt, start with the 69%.

I recently bought a Humidor. I just wanted ask about the Humidifier that came with it. Do I need to do anything with before I start? Does it need refilling or replacing? If so when?

We would suggest that you don't use that humidifier, but that is totally up to you. They are included with most humidors by the makers and many believe they are only good for causing cracked wrappers or mould on your cigars.

You need to season the humidor before use else it will leak at best and cause damage to your cigars at worst. The best way to proceed is to use a 84% Boveda pack to season your humidor for 14 days and then replace that with a 69% (or your preferred RH) before adding your cigars.

If you want a reusable solution, then something like Xikar Crystal. Boveda responds a lot faster to changes in RH and is a two way system.

How do I calibrate my analogue hygrometer? 

We would suggest not using a analogue hygrometer. They are not accurate and you risk damage such a cracked wrappers or mould using one. It's is not worth it considering what cigars cost. They also require regular calibration and that takes time and money. They have no temperature reading.  There are reasonable digital hygrometers for under £10 and the good ones go for between £25 - 40. That's the cost of two good cigars and will give you years of accurate readings. The Xikar digital hygrometers are factory calibrated and have a life long warranty.  

Do you sell cigars as well? 

We do indeed sell cigars. We are working on growing our selection, so if there is anything you would like to see in our store then please let us know.

I have bought some cigars which have a cellophane wrappers on them, should the wrapper come off when in the humidor?

It's really your choice. There is no right or wrong answer. Cigar cellophane is porous when it comes to water. Humidity can get in and out of a wrapper, so you can leave your cigars wrapped in your humidor. It will protect your cigar wrappers. Just keep in mind that it will take the cigars longer to obtain the same humidity level of your humidor. 

How should I fill my lighter correctly?

You can see how here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgp9l6bWhaY

If Xikar warranty work is required after purchase, where would the cutter need to be taken?

If a product is faulty at the time of purchase, then it need to be returned to us.

If there is a problem later, then it would depend on on what the problem is and how quickly it needs to be resolved. We would suggest contacting us first if there is ever a problem with a Xikar product and we'll then be able to advise you from there.

If a item needed to be returned to Xikar, then it depends on how quickly you would like the item fixed or replaced (at Xikar's discretion.) Cutting out the processing and shipping time of the "middle men" speeds up the process dramatically.
a. Send it directly to Xikar - this is the fastest option.
b. Send it to Xikar's UK Distributor - This takes longer than a.
c. Send it to us - This takes longer than b.
d. Take it to a local B&M Xikar dealer - It could be the fastest if they decided to swap it out then and there, else it would be as fast as c.