Integra Boost 2 Way Humidity Control Regulator - 62% 37mm round x10

Integra Boost


The Integra BOOST™ 2-way humidity control packs offer a safe, simple, effective solution for creating the balanced environment. The 37mm Round Integra Boost pack is used to control the moisture in an enclosed area by either releasing or absorbing moisture, maintaining relative humidity in a contained environment.

KEEP FRESH - Maintain optimum humidity level to prevent:
Dry and crispy plants
Harsh and unpleasant smoke
Mold from forming

Does not alter the smell of your product
Preserves the medical qualities
Maintains flavours

NOTE: These are less than 1g each. They are very small - Same use scenario as a Boveda 1g.

Offers a Salt-Free Solution
The Boost Packs will not alter your plant’s flavour or aromas
The product is tear resistant & spill proof. It stays pliable reducing risk of tear and spills
Package is made with Food Grade Inks

These packs are shipped in a resealable bag and are not individually wrapped. We suggest that you store your unused packs in a Ziploc bag or glass jar to keep them fresh. They will last for years if sealed in a airtight container. (NO OVER WRAP OR HIC CARDS)

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