Cigar Oasis ULTRA 3.0 Electronic Humidifier - up to 100 cigar capacity (NEW VERSION)

Cigar Oasis INC


Designed for 50-100 cigar capacity desktop humidors (up to 1.5 cubic feet)

Dimensions: Length: 7” Width: 2.5” Height: 1”

The Cigar Oasis ULTRA 3.0 uses upgraded technology to measure and control the humidity accurately. This electronic cigar humidifier was designed to mount on the lid of the humidor (or on or under a tray) with minimum space requirements. The fan pushes out humidity until the desired level is reached. While operating the unit samples the humidity continuously and if it is not the desired humidity, it goes into control mode to adjust humidity. The Cigar Oasis ULTRA 3.0 is factory set to 70% humidity but can be adjusted to your personal taste. The unit comes with a water cartridge mounted and ready to use. The Cigar Oasis ULTRA 3.0 now has built-in Smart Humidor® Wi-Fi which allows users to adjust and monitor humidity remotely from any iOS or Android smart device with a subscription.

The Cigar Oasis ULTRA 3.0 is both the most attractive and efficient humidifier for the desktop humidor:

  •     Large LCD with backlit humidity & temperature display
  •     Soft-Touch button control
  •     Micro-USB connection with streamlined ribbon cable connection
  •     Extra-long lasting cartridge
  •     Provides consistent, maintenance free, long-term humidity control
  •     Circulates humidity - No need to rotate cigars
  •     Set humidity to the preferred level
  •     Built-in Smart Humidor (Wi-Fi) technology for remote monitoring and     control - NEW (subscription required)

Please note - It is recommended that distilled water is used with all Cigar oasis products. You will need a USB power supply or USB phone charger to power the unit.

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