Integra Boost 72% Humidity Control Regulator Pack 67g Factory Wrapped

Integra Boost


INTEGRA BOOST - 72% - 2-Way Humidity Regulator

Eliminate the Guessing Game - INTEGRA BOOST Humidiccant uses patent pending technology that releases or absorbs moisture, maintaining relative humidity in a contained environment. Replacement Indicator Cards also known as Humidity Indicator Cards included

    The Boost Packs will not alter your flavour or aromas
    Prevents mold from forming
    Offers a Salt-Free Solution
    The product is tear resistant & spill proof.  
    It stays pliable reducing risk of tear and spills
    Package is made with Food Grade Inks

How do I use the Integra Boost packs?

  • Remove the Integra Boost packet from its clear over-wrapping and place it in an enclosed area with the contents to be preserved and protected.
  • Drop the Replacement Indicator Card inside the same container or enclosed area and seal.
  • Integra Boost will begin to regulate relative humidity inside of the container to the specific R.H. percentage labeled on the packet.
  • Simply replace the packet with a fresh packet when the dot on the Replacement Indicator Card turns bright blue.

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